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Nkabom Band

Nkabom is an Akan word from Ghana meaning UNITY. Same as the word Ubuntu from South Africa. Berima Amo is the leader and the band plays his compositions. Nkabom’s musical style is influenced by African musical giants like Hugh Masekela, Salif Keita, Fela, King Onyina, Koo Nimo, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Coltrane. 


You are likely to dance or even tap your feet to the rhythms of Nkabom band. And we are grateful to be able to bring fresh African sounds to the world. From parties, festivals, concert halls, we always create a positive vibe. See you soon at an event.



LEAD VOX, TRUMPET -     Berima Amo

SAXOPHONE -     Olaf Zwetsloot

GUITARS -     Prince Matthews

BASS -     PK Ambrose

KEYBOARDS     -     Victor Dey Jr.

DRUMS     -     Frank Kissi

PERCUSSION - Joseph Bannor

BACKING VOCALS -     Maame Nda, Jiska Doekes, Vanessa Braams

Berima Amo, Diana Akiwumi Hopeson, Dela Botri of Hewale Sounds performing at the Vincent Lucent Theater in The Hague, The Netherlands
No Limit Amsterdam Zuidoost, Bijlmer, Holland, The Netherlands


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