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Berima Amo is one of the rising stars on the African music scene. He is brilliant at making his audiences feel every emotion of a song. He is forging new grounds that also resonates with this generation.


The Ghanaian born, Amsterdam based trumpet player, singer, arranger & composer, Berima Amo (born Daniel Opoku-Amo), began playing the trumpet at the age of 5 with the John Teye School Band. Because of how quick Berima learnt the musical instruments, he began gigging with the band just 2 years of learning at age 7.


He had his first UK tour with the John-Teye Band at the age of 12. After his John-Teye years, you could spot him playing in the jazz cafes and hotels in Accra. He formed his first band, called Rebirth, the band was known for also taking popular Ghanaian classics and giving it a jazz/instrumental twist. 


In 2004, he gained admission to study Jazz trumpet at the Rotterdam Conservatory. He has since lived in between Africa & Europe touring and making Ghanaian music known through his uplifting performances and workshops. He was the founder of the Ghana Community Choir, Amsterdam.


Berima Amo is also an accomplished music producer with hits in Curacao, Suriname and West Africa. He was nominated for “Best Music Producer” in the AGMMA 2017 Awards held yearly in London.


Berima Amo brings a thunderous energy yet a warm beautiful tone on his trumpet/flugelhorn that would leave an indelible mark on you. He kind of transports you into his village with his stories and songs from Africa.


“What excites me is cultures and people. I like to think I’m a hopeful person. The legendary Teddy Osei of Osibisa fame, taught me that the best form of fusion is to bring musicians from different cultures together.”

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