I was gigging in Moengo, a bauxite town in Suriname, South America. And whiles the concert was going on, I saw an African looking drum in the corner back stage. So I quickly grabbed it brought it infant of the stage and started drumming. The crowd went wild to put it mildly. 


After the concert, and chatting over a meal, some of the town elders told me how fascinating it was seeing me play that drum like how it should be played. One man who was so moved by it said to me “We know we are from Ghana originally, but today you brought us proof by playing that drum the way you did.” I was really moved by that statement. And it became this vibe of unity and kinda reconnecting with your family thing happening.


When I got back from that tour, it got me thinking how the African drum has travelled the world and influenced all kinds of music. And not only that, all these music that the African drum influenced like, Gospel, Salsa, Bossanova, blues, Jazz, Soul, R&B, Hiphop, etc., has turned round to influence African music. Thus the African drum has gone a full circle. Because today, African musicians are heavily influenced by music from the Americas. It’s amazing how something bad as slavery can birth good music. Everywhere you find black people, you will find the African drum or it’s traces. Humans interact to drums & rhythm on a higher dimension, and our soul acknowledges and embraces the rhythm every time through our body movements. 

This is what inspired me to make this CD project.

We did this project in a very unique way. Because of technological advancements in the studio industry, it was easy to record musicians from anywhere on the planet, if I thought they fit a particular song. This was all recorded individually by them on 4 different continents; Europe, Asia, America & Africa, and then send it to me for the final mixing. I believe the many collaborations with great musicians around the world is what gives this “JOUNEY OF THE AFRICAN DRUM” album it’s flavor and vibrations.

Music Credits

PK AMBROSE bass, KWEKU MENSAH guitar/bass, THOMAS BEKHUIS guitar, VICTOR DEY JR. piano/synths, BERNARD AYISA tenor saxophone,  NII KONNEY alto saxophone, TOM BEEKS alto saxophone, SANAA OPOKU bass, FRANCIS OSEI drums, EMMANUEL BLUDO JR. drums,  KOFI AYIVOR percussion, VANESSA BRAAMS backing vocals, JISKA DOEKES backing vocals, JOSHUA LOVE backing vocals, EVELYN AMO backing vocals, LORDRICH lead vocals, ABA AUGUSTINA backing vocals, LOUISA FOFIE lead vocals, GRAZIELLA HUNSEL lead vocals

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